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P C Chandra India Utsav 2017, USA
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The ultimate dream - The ultimate desire... Its all going to be true this year.

India Doot / PMG Publications is here to unite all the Bengalees living in USA (from East coast to West coast and Midwest), UK , UAE and give them the ultimate pleasure of Bengali culture, music, dance, drama and business opportunity .They will also experience the biggest mela of Corporate Sectors from all over India . The most prestigious real-estate promoters, banks, hospitals, educational institutions, jewellery manufacturers, garment producers and beauty products will be at your door step.

India Utsav 2015 will be held in UK and 12 cities of USA [ Sanskriti (Washington D.C.), Kallol (NJ), Dakshini (LA), Bay Area Probashi (SFO), BSF (FL), BAGC (Chicago ), Prayas (Columbus ), Tri State (KY ), St. Louis, Canada ].

More than 12000 Bengalees of these cities are eagerly waiting to celebrate this mega extravaganza of Indian culture / business. Our ultimate goal is to capture the hearts of millions of Bengalees all over the world.

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Special Sponsors